what is content creationEver heard the phrase “content is king” when researching search engine optimization tips and digital marketing guides? Content accounts for 57% of the most effective SEO strategies today.

SEO experts will always tell you how content creation is one of its most important aspects. But what is content creation, and why is it that important?

You can do SEO in a lot of ways, such as improving your website speed or building backlinks. While these are also important practices, they almost always require having content on your website. Otherwise, which page would another website backlink to or why would you need to increase the speed if there’s no content for visitors to read?

Let’s discuss in detail why SEO and content creation go hand-in-hand:

What is Content Creation and Why is It Good for SEO?

Content creation is developing and publishing visual or written assets for your website. While it’s not the only way to do SEO, it has a huge role in it.

Search engines prefer fresh content that ensures that the answers that searchers are looking for are accurate and relevant at that time. Search engines look for that “freshness factor,” which pertains to how recent your website’s content is and how often you post.

Moreover, having a consistent schedule of putting out content makes you more credible to search engines, increasing your AuthorRank. As Google’s algorithms always change, it’s important that you stay on the good side of Google.

SEO Content Can Increase Your Rankings

The more regularly you update your website, the more you increase your chances of ranking high in search engines. Google uses crawlers that crawls and indexes trillions of web pages every day. They then rank the websites based on the factors, such as visitors’ time spent on site, inbound links, mobile friendliness, and more.

Crawlers go through your website on a regular basis, and so these are always looking for fresh content. On top of that, they also take into account how much your visitors like the content they see. If people keep coming back to your website because of good content, search engines will take note and assume that it’s you that users will like to see when looking for relevant content, increasing your search ranking.

The current search engine algorithms don’t consider social data, including the number of times people have liked or shared a link on social media. However, the engagement of users factors into how Google perceives your website. Highly-shared posts have greater engagement and higher visibility, which may help the web page rank higher.

With that said, it’s not only the frequency that matters. It’s the quality of your content as well that helps you rise through the ranks. It’s a balance that every SEO writer must master.

Content Allows You to Optimize Keywords for SEO

Creating content goes beyond having materials for people and search engines to look at. Updating your website on a regular basis also gives you many opportunities to build your keyword profile. The ideal scenario is that you rank for a wide range of keywords, but you can’t achieve that with a few posts on your website.

Being in the dental industry, for instance, will have you aiming for keywords like “gum disease,” “teeth whitening,” or “dental implants.” These already give you an idea of what to post, and you can use each keyword in different posts tackling different topics.

For example, you can aim to rank for “gum disease” by publishing an article on how to prevent it, while another post is discussing a type of gum disease. Considering that there are thousands of other keywords you can use, that’s thousands more of articles you can post. Specific phrases or long-tailed keywords further increase the number of keywords you can use.

Quality Content Gives Your Website Authority

A regular stream of content related to your industry allows your website to have authority on the website. However, the quality is what matters here most.

Spam or low-quality content that you publish just for the sake of putting keywords or having a new post won’t get you a large audience or engagement. In turn, you don’t build your authority.

Too often, websites see themselves churning out content for search engines and not for the readers when in reality, it should be the other way around. Your main goal should be to please the readers, resulting in an increase in their trust on your website.

When you build a huge collection of useful content, you establish your authority in the subject. This gives you higher chances of landing on the first page of the search results, especially now that a third of readers trust a stranger’s opinion on the internet more than a company.

SEO is an Ongoing Process and So is Content

Today’s SEO strategies are so different from three years ago that your current techniques won’t likely work at that time. Google’s algorithm is always changing, and so effective strategies are also evolving to keep up with it.

How do we then keep up with evolving search engine optimization tips? By posting regularly, of course.

The more you publish SEO content, the better you get at SEO writing. You also stay on top of the changing times, allowing you to produce fresh content that’s relevant to both the readers and the current rules of the search engines.

Keep in mind as well that posting content is a learning process. It doesn’t only enrich your readers, it also enriches and refreshes your knowledge of the subject. Posting regular and quality content with adequate research helps you learn more about your industry and the latest SEO practices, too.

Content Creation and SEO is a Balance

What is content creation? It’s the backbone of your site, the structure of your SEO strategy, and the fact that people see when they visit your site.

Don’t forget to balance your time on creating SEO content and doing other SEO tasks, such as optimizing your website. Both are important in online marketing and focusing on one over the other will likely result in a drop in SERP rankings. Quality content still needs SEO to appear on the first page of search results and SEO needs content for it to grow.

But good content and SEO is only the beginning. Contact us now and stay ahead of competitors by implementing the latest SEO and content strategies.