best seo tools

What if, overnight, your websites became more successful than ever?

It may sound like a pipe dream. However, good Search Engine Optimization can turn that dream into a reality.

However, your SEO is only as good as the SEO tools you use. That’s why we’ve put together our guide to the best SEO tools you need to try in 2019.


There are many different kinds of SEO tools to try. One of our favorite categories is web crawlers.

No, we’re not talking about Spider-Man here. Instead, these are tools designed to help you with very large-scale indexing.

Different crawlers give you different data in different amounts. And, generally speaking, you want to have as much data as possible.

That’s why we really recommend Deepcrawl. It is one of the most robust of the web crawling options and gives you highly granular data. And by studying this data, you can improve your SEO in the best possible way: by improving your user experience across the board.


Some of the SEO tools to try are highly specialized. Others, like Ahrefs, are more of a Swiss army knife for SEO.

For instance, Ahrefs offers backlink analysis that is a real game-changer for your SEO. But this app doesn’t stop there.

Their content explorer lets you quickly scan the web for trending content. That is vital for your ability to stay on top of trends and not seeming like you’re behind the times.

Finally, their keyword explorer lets you find the best combination of keywords to help drive more visitors to your site.

Don’t forget that you can start with a free version of Ahrefs and then decide whether it’s worth it to pay for the full package.

Google Pagespeed Insights

Many web designers focus on improving content and keywords to boost their SEO. But are you paying enough attention to your speed?

As the name implies, Google Pagespeed Insights lets you check how fast your content loads. And this is one of the most important SEO factors that you can control.

This easy tool lets you see how fast your different sites load for desktop and for mobile. Afterward, it will provide suggestions for creating a speedier experience.

By reducing your loading speed, you’ll reduce your bounce rate and also boost your word of mouth advertising.

LinkResearch Tools

LinkResearch Tools is one of the more specialized SEO tools. And this particular tool focuses on backlinking.

With this tool, you can look at how your various inbound links are affecting your overall domain. On top of this, this app also helps you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your website’s overall visibility.

All of this information is invaluable when it comes to improving your SEO. And the insight you gather may also help you improve your future website design, which is a huge time-saver in and of itself.


Serpstat is a paid SEO tool, but you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. That’s because this app offers so many different features you can benefit from.

First, it helps you gather keywords. On top of this, it helps you determine which long-tail keywords will be most effective.

The tool also helps determine keyword value and PPC data, and these are both important bits of data to help your website stand out.

Serpstat also helps you discover keyword trends locally and abroad. If you want your business to truly go global, then Serpstat is definitely a step in the right direction!

Moz Local Listing

Apps like Serpstat are great for boosting your international visibility and reputation. But what if you need something a little closer to home?

If you have a brick-and-mortar store, then creating an online presence can be very tricky. You are often left with a simple question: “just how does my business appear to other people in online searches?”

That is exactly what Moz Local Listing helps you figure out. It collects and condenses data from different tools (Facebook, Yelp, Google, and more) and gives you a straight answer.

Don’t like how things look? Don’t worry: this app also makes some solid suggestions for how you can improve everything.


Sometimes, SEO can feel a bit like mystical. After all, the right “magic words” are your key to wild success, while the wrong words doom your business to failure.

Seoability is an app that cuts through the confusing fog of SEO and gives you the simple answers that you need. As the name might tell you, the app is all about improving your particular “SEO ability.”

There are several helpful tools bundled with this app, including an overall evaluating of a website’s keywords. The results are easy tips to help you improve your use of keywords.

The app also lets you examine SEO optimization for particular keywords and to compare different sites when it comes to the same keyword.

Finally, this app gives you a definitive rankings check when it comes to certain keywords. It’s great to watch your site rise as your SEO improves.

Google Analytics

Sometimes, the classics really are the best. And in 2019, Google Analytics is more important for SEO than ever before.

Most of these apps assume that users will find your sites with Google. Why not use Google’s own analytics and get the information straight from the horse’s mouth?

With this app, you can track all of the traffic that your site receives. You can also discover the keywords that brought them there, and this is immensely helpful at tweaking and adding to the keywords you use.

Be sure to take an afternoon and really explore the analytics console. You’ll be amazed at just how much SEO data is at your fingertips with this app.

Best SEO Tools: The Bottom Line

Now you know about some of the best SEO tools of 2019. But do you know who can help you get started right away?

At Tom’s SEO Link, we are all about improving website visibility and boosting your rankings. To discover how we can help transform your site, contact us today.