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What Is SEO and the SEO Pro Package?

SEO can be so confusing and it can be difficult to know what to do to get rankings. That's why we created our Super SEO Pro packages that pack that powerful combination of links needed to keep you safe while increasing your traffic. Combined with that super custom strategy, SEO Pro packs are the great all-in-one solution! Premium SEO services just like what the pros use. They all have someone like us do their SEO. And now it is possible for you to hire dedicated seo experts.


Advanced SEO Strategy

Every successful SEO campaign consists of multiple elements to ensure your success. That is why we created and tested the perfect formula to show search engines your site is an authority and needs to be recognized. Each SEO Pro pack includes each of the following:

Press Releases Our highly skilled will write and distribute a professional press release for your website, giving Google brand and popularity signals that prime your site for ultra ranking! Send it to 30k+ journalist and the Associated Press. We did this and loved it.

Mini Authority Links - We create several great mini-authority properties that link to your website, giving it relevance and diversity.

Homepage Backlinks – Then, we show search the engines that your website is both authoritative and trust worthy by linking from the homepages of high authority, relevant websites.

Guest Post Blogging – With each package, we finish it off with our special sauce - Guest Posts. These are the highest quality links you can ever get and they show search engines that your site is a trusted authority. Very Cool.

Premium SEO Service

SEO Pro is a premium package that comes with lots of premium services. We'll take care of everything from analyzing your web site, creating your own custom strategy, setting up your campaigns and ensuring you get results. You'll have a dedicated account manager the entire time responsible for any questions you may have!
That is why you hire dedicated seo expert.


How It Works

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Just select your package and give us some details about your site. We'll analyze your sites current opportunities and create your custom strategy. Then we'll review this with you before proceeding.

Consultation & Implementation

Each campaign gets their own dedicated SEO consultant to review the strategy with you and expertly set up your campaigns.


Transparent Reporting

Every package comes with transparent reporting so you know exactly what work was actually done as well as the results.



Packages & Pricing

Our affordable SEO packages pack that powerful punch You Need.



For 1-2 URLs
& 1 Secondary Property (Optional)
All Inclusive:
1 Press Release + Boost
1 In-Content Links Package
4 DA10 Guest Blog Posts + Social Boost
1 DA20 Guest Blog Posts + Social Boost
5 Homepage Links

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For 2-3 URLs
& 1 Secondary Property (Optional)
All Inclusive:
1 Press Release + Social Boost
1 In-Content Links Package
5 DA10 Guest Blog Posts + Boost
2 DA20 Guest Blog Posts + Boost
2 DA30 Guest Blog Posts + Boost
10 Homepage Links Package

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For 3-4 URLs
& 1 Secondary Property (Optional)
All Inclusive:
1 Press Release + Social Boost
1 In-Content Links Package
13 DA10 Guest Blog Posts + Boost
4 DA20 Guest Blog Posts + Boost
2 DA30 Guest Blog Posts + Boost
20 Homepage Links

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be billed every month?
No, the SEO Pro packs are monthly. However, SEO is an ongoing process and we recommend everyone who wants to see consistent results to continue monthly. Like advertising but better.

What type of research do yall do?
When you get the Powerful SEO Pro pack your dedicated SEO expert campaign manager will research your website to identify your "easy wins" keywords and potential ranking power, as well as the current state of that keyword. We will use this to create the strategy and we will share it with you before we start.

What niches or keywords are best?
We don't accept any grey area niches or non-English keywords for SEO Pro packages. Stay basic and away from anything illegal. People love self help and problem fixers.

Always hire dedicated SEO Expert.