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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the difference between interested buyers and consumers finding your website, and finding the competition instead. How you rank in the Google (and Yahoo, Bing, etc.) search results makes or breaks the website traffic you can organically enjoy on a daily basis.

From what we know of the Google algorithm, one of the most effective ways to boost that SEO is through blogging with keywords and tagging high resolution images on your website. That’s why here at Tom’s SEO Link Building, we are providing a variety of SEO content blogging packages, all including a top quality image that will win you clicks.

How do we know this to be true? Because Hubspot confirmed this year that 32% of marketers attribute visual images as being the most important part of their outreach today. Here is what we can offer you:

500-word blogs: Google has confirmed that the length of 500-words is where the benefits of SEO kick in for originally drafted and interesting content. Therefore, this is where our packages begin, ensuring you are getting a little over 1-page of blogging content that is relevant, backed by sources, and interesting to your potential clientele.

1,000-word blogs: One step up from 500-words, consider 2.5 pages of a blog that explores a certain topic or material unique to you and your product. Showcase your expertise to your clients in an impressive blog piece that goes over everything important to you and your brand.

2,000-word blogs: The more words, the better for SEO! By 2k words, we can include 10+ keywords that will really get your website moving in SEO results. We can explore a variety of mini sub-topics within just one blog, as well as write how-to guides that are sure to win some clicks out in the Internet.

3,000-word blogs: Let’s go one step further with 3k words, enabling you to potentially start writing guides as mini eBooks and so forth that can really work their way up search results if enough time and information is put into them – which of course, we guarantee!

Custom-packages: Do you want a blog even longer than that? SEO blogging is our specialty, which is why we are happy to arrange any kind of custom package with you and your team moving forward.

Every one of our blogging packages comes with a high resolution photo that is unique to you and your business. Although our verbiage is spot on, nothing is more important than an appropriate image to welcome in clicks and readers. We cover it all for you, so you don’t have to.

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If you’re ready to outsource the hassle and commitment to blogging that is integral to your business today, work with our blogging team to secure an SEO high resolution image, content, relevant titles, and more for an organic sales funnel that converts time and time again.

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