Building Brand Awareness with Instagram

Google is still King and always will be. Even with algorithm changes, this change, that change and it is never-ending but there is a solution. One thing we know for sure is that content is still the most important thing in Googles eyes. Every year Google changes the rules and how they will rank website and list them in their search results. All or most of the other search engines will follow Googles lead. So it is very important to keep in mind the social signals as they are presented. when preparing your content, people don’t just read anymore. They now use pictures to reach a decision to do anything. It give truth to taking the easy way out. You know a picture is worth a thousand words.

Pictures can put so much potential activity into motion, helping with all the emotional states of choosing and solutions. Emotions help with all decisions weather they decide to look, read further, or make a decision of any kind. Pictures influence your actions. You can use Google Images, YouTube And your choice of a number of social media websites to help you promote your pictures/images. We can get you signed up with over 300 social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with our Brand Management. Giving you a powerful presence in the social media community. Why be on just a few when you can be on over 300 of the Top Social Media Platforms. Instagram caters to Google as they all do.

Facebook owns Instagram so the guidelines and policies are going to be the same or similar. The old pros and internet marketers that are using Instagram are having better-than-expected results. Now don’t just throw pictures up and expect a massive following, but rather learn how Instagram can benefit your brand to gain awareness that you exist and build up a fan base of followers. Instagram is a platform to share photos plain and simple, too many words in your pictures trying to push the message would defeat the purpose. You can add phrases like “Please Read”, big sale, free stuff, new book, as seen on TV, and the list goes on always using two or three word phrases designed to grab your viewers attention making them want to Spread The Word.

In advertising there is a saying, “fewer words with more images is Always Best”.

Social media is all about spreading the word, it is better than beauty shop/coffee shop gossip.

Press releases provide excellent “as seen on these networks images” you can use on your websites as a powerful sales tool. And even use them on Instagram. People love to share and see other pictures/images, especially on Social media and on Instagram. It becomes more than just a photo exchange, but an opportunity to help create better customer relationships that inspire the customers to recommend your product or brand. People love to tell the world about what they bought, where they bought it, the price and most of all “How They Were Treated”. Word of Mouth can make you or break you. Learn all the Instagram stuff you can through articles like this one and others. Share the articles that you read and experiences with everyone and you will grow with Instagram and any other social platform you are using.

Instagram is more about social media optimization rather than the normal SEO practices we see on the internet and the rumors we hear about Google. Use photos and images to emphasize your product, service, up coming event, or brand so you stand out from the crowd and your competitors. Lets say you sell a manufactured product. So, then show photos of the factory workers, shipping Department, and other Happy workers giving the customer a warm Loving Feeling Connecting them to your brand rather than just another product they must buy. Make them feel they are part of an Exclusive Club that caters to and loves people like them. Google and the other search engines love creativity and New Content. Always create something new and never use old stale photos or images that everyone has seen, but new fresh photos/images full of Happy people, representing people you have helped find what they need and were looking for. You can use images to create a mood that can result in a life long connection. Lets look at book authors. Who doesn’t love a good book? But keep in mind that voice books are also hot allowing you to capture and profit from two groups of book buyer/readers. Instagram allows 60 second videos, so don’t go over 60 Seconds. Make a 60 second or less message to better explain your book, or (product or service) with a call to action. Call to action can be a web site url (, a phone number, email address or any other form of contact to reach you and get whatever you are offering. You can even advertise on Instagram.

Best of all most of your Facebook followers will be on Instagram.

Okay to close, be creative and always experiment with techniques and even Jazz up your subject matter and content to help you determine and Gage the reactions of your viewers. Try to engage your viewers with humor and maybe compare other products or services to yours and each other. You can stir up controversy if you want, people love that too. And most of all – test which approach gets you the best results. You will have fun and maybe make some new friends. Building brand awareness with Instagram.

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