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Did you know there are 28 million small businesses in the United States? So if you own a retail business, this means you have steep competition.

And it can be tough to know where to focus your efforts. But one thing you can to do to dominate your market is to invest in search engine optimization (SEO).

No matter your industry, this will help you increase organic traffic to your site, allowing you to increase sales or drive more traffic your storefront.

Here are 6 awesome tips to help you become an SEO Pro. Check them out below!

1. Work On Your Business Listings

First, you should claim all the business listings out there. Start with Google My Business.

This is the tool that allows you to control the information that’s displayed by Google when someone searches for your company. This includes your address, phone number, website, and reviews.

That way, you can make sure this information is accurate. And if you ever move or change your phone number, you can make those changes yourself.

Also, register for Bing Places and Yelp. These also generate a good amount of traffic and you want to make sure your information is correct in these places as well.

2. Optimize Headers, Titles, and Meta Descriptions

This is another SEO must. On every page of your website, there is a page title, a meta description, and a header at the top of the page.

Optimizing these areas will make sure you rank higher on Google. The title and meta description also matter because they show up in search engine results when your pages appear.

In each of these areas, be sure to include that page’s keyword as well as your business’ city and state if you have a specific geographic location that you serve.

3. An SEO Pro Tip: Build Links

Google ranks sites based on their authority in the marketplace. So when Google sees that a lot of other websites, especially big websites, link to your web pages, this shows them that you are an authority in your space.

So, to improve your SEO, work on your link building. You can do this through guest posting on other people’s blogs or by having people write reviews of your product, often in exchange for discounted or free product.

Also, make sure you link internally on your site. This also helps increase your SEO rankings. One easy way to do this is to link to product pages.

For example, if you sell women’s clothing and you mention your blouses on the home page, take that opportunity to add a link to the blouses page right then and there.

4. It’s Time to Blog

Starting a blog is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your site. That’s because it allows you to rank for tons of different searches.

When it comes to your core website, you only have so many things you can rank for. But blogging allows you to expand the reach of your site by adding additional pages. And you can continue to do this indefinitely.

The great news about blogging to improve SEO is that it totally works. In fact, in 2017, blogging was named the #1 most important tactic for B2B content marketing success.

Blogging is also important because Google loves to see fresh content published on your site. But it’s hard to constantly be updating your product pages when the information is still the same.

That’s where blogging comes in handy. You can continually push out new content and Google will see your site as being more relevant.

Another great benefit of blogging is that potential customers can find your content and start to see you as an authority in your space. As time goes on, this eventually turn into a customer relationship as they continue to trust you more and more.

5. Add Relevant Keywords

Keywords are another core part of SEO success for retail businesses. But it can often be tough to know which keywords to use on your pages.

That’s when a tool like Google Keyword Planner is super useful. You can see the average monthly search volume for every keyword out there. This will help you choose the keywords that will be the most relevant to your target market.

This also helps you adjust your keyword strategy as trends come and go. The way people search for things changes over time and keeping an eye on this will help your pages rank better.

6. Focus on Your Reviews

Last but not least, focus on customer reviews. That’s because people love to read reviews before making purchases. So if your reviews are all negative, you’re missing out on business and losing potential customers.

To change this, request positive reviews from satisfied customers. To get people to actually fulfill on your request, offer them something like a free product or to be entered into a giveaway. This will be much more enticing.

Simply put, positive reviews will increase conversions for your retail business. They are extremely important in today’s digital market.

They’re also helpful in terms of SEO. When Google sees people writing things about your brand, it can improve your search rankings because you’re seen as more relevant.

Final Thoughts

There you have it: 6 tips to help you become an SEO pro! Now it’s time to implement these ideas. Pretty soon, your retail business will be ranking higher than it ever has before.

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