4 Reasons Why You Should Utilize Press Releases

And Why You Should Work With Tom’s SEO Link To Write Them!

In today’s day and age of business marketing and advertising, there are a number of different methods that businesses, artists, musicians, and other organizations alike can help to spread the news about a new product, a new service, a new event, or anything else relevant to their unique practice. Most often, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are utilized to make an announcement to a group of followers, a specific demographic, or a specific customer base. And while this method can surely serve as a supplemental method, many businesses skip out on one of the most integral business practices, press releases.

Here are four reasons why you should utilize press releases to help grow your business, generate buzz, and get the word out!

Press Releases Make It To The Press

Press releases have been specifically designed for one main purpose; to announce to the press something exciting that your business or organization is doing. The idea behind the press release is to provide relevant information to press sources, so that they can publish a wide-spread article through their various mediums and platforms, so that you can generate tremendous buzz around your news!

Press Releases Are Perfect For Everyone

Press releases are not limited to business or organizations. For instance, a musician can use a press release to announce a new album, a new contract with a record label, or even new tour dates. In addition, author’s can utilize a press release to announce a new book, a new publishing deal, or a charitable event that they’ll be apart of.

Web-Based Press Releases Can Be SEO Optimized

If you find a way to have your press release published by a web-based news source, you’ll have the benefit of a completely SEO optimized article published on your behalf. Instantly, you’ll have the opportunity to generate buzz around your business or organization through the Internet. When people search for specific keywords relevant to your press release, you can rest assured knowing that your article, business, or organization will stand at the top of the rankings with the utmost visibility.

How Can I Get My Press Release Published?

Most importantly, in order for your press release to get picked up, you need to be sure that it was written professionally, clearly, and relevant to your business and to what publishers want to talk about. In essence, press releases are a great, affordable way to get your news picked up by all of the “top press” publications and mainstream journalists, you just have to know how to write one.

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